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Welcome to the blog of Jo Ann Manolis Photography! I’m a wedding, portrait, and fine art photographer based in Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve created this blog as a means of sharing my work and life with my clients, family, and friends. I’ll be updating it regularly with my latest work, thoughts and ideas regarding photography and art, and links to many fabulous artists and vendors. So, take a look around, enjoy, and leave me a message here if you’re inspired. I can also be reached directly by e-mail via my website:, or by phone at: (831)359-7948. Thanks for stopping by!

First Class at blue Apple Studios

I’ve decided to do a weekly blog post on the Polaroid Transfer class that I’m teaching at Blue Apple Studios. This way, the artists and their families can see their work online. Also, an online diary of the class will give my blog readers a feel for the creative process at work, which is a truly amazing thing. Look for the Blue Apple posts within the first half of each week for the next 5 weeks. I’m really excited to see where this class takes us!

Friday marked our first class. The artists caught on incredibly quickly and ended up producing three samples each (I had planned for one or two). We had a really good time and I was blown away by the results:

We hung the samples up to dry. I loved how elegant they looked displayed in this way.




Here are some quick shots of individual pieces. I love the antiquated and exotic look of this one:

…And the texture of this one:

Bright colors like orange and red really pop out on Polaroid Transfers.

All of these transfers were made using slides of photographs that I’ve taken over the years. The artists will be using their own images next. I’m excited to see what they come up with. The following three images are of Mayan Ruins in Tulum, Mexico.



And some flora from around the world:


I absolutely love the emulsion peel on this one. This is a perfect example of something that can never, ever be duplicated.

I’ve been experimenting with some future projects for class and I wanted to share. I took a photograph of the Blue Apple Studios sign with my digital camera. Using Photoshop, I cropped it to a 3×8 inch image and then divided this into 4 parts and had slides made. I then pieced the images together onto printmaking paper, re-creating the sign in Polaroid Transfers!

This was the original image that I used:

Our next step will be altering the above pieces with paint and other mediums. Check back to see the evolution of these samples!


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