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Welcome to the blog of Jo Ann Manolis Photography! I’m a wedding, portrait, and fine art photographer based in Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve created this blog as a means of sharing my work and life with my clients, family, and friends. I’ll be updating it regularly with my latest work, thoughts and ideas regarding photography and art, and links to many fabulous artists and vendors. So, take a look around, enjoy, and leave me a message here if you’re inspired. I can also be reached directly by e-mail via my website:, or by phone at: (831)359-7948. Thanks for stopping by!

Steph’s Etsy Page

I was thinking about something the other day and had an epiphany…

Although it sounds like something that should have occurred to me years ago, it strangely just hit me. I was thinking about the individuals who make up my close circle of friends, both nearby and far away, and I realized that this circle is virtually entirely made up of artists. Obvoiusly, this was not intentional. I mean, I’ve never used being an artist as criteria for friendship. It just seems to have evolved this way. For whatever reason, my community of friends includes painters, actors, comedians, potters, writers, musicians, and other photographers. I’m constantly inspired by these pals and their work, and watching them has definitely helped me to push myself as an artist, to see the world differently, and to take risks with my artwork and in my life.

With all of this said, I’ve decided to feature one of my incredibly talented friends here on my blog each month. I love the idea of this blog being a resource for artists. A place for us all to learn about and to share our work with one another.

So, I’ll kick the month of March off with my friend Steph. As college roommates, Steph and I both detested what we were studying. Together, we sought solace in late night art projects…perhaps nothing worthy of museum walls, but art projects none the less…When Steph scrapped her business major and started taking drawing classes through the art and design college, I was insanely jealous and inspired at the same time. Since her graduation, most of her jobs have involved creativity in some capacity, although she never quite got over painting, her very first love.

I am so happy and proud that Steph has picked up the paint again, the world is a better place with her paintings and color palette in it! Here are a few samples of her work. I snagged these images from her web page (with her permission, of course!)

“Standout” Acrylic on canvas. She has been having fun with abstract work lately…

“Sweet Ocean” Acrylic on canvas.

“Circleville” Acrylic on canvas. One thing that you can always count on in Steph’s work: lots of color!

“Today” Acrylic on canvas. My absolute favorite of her current body of work. I am completely in love with the texture in this painting…steph3.jpg

Beautiful work Steph, I love it!
To see more of Steph’s work, check out her web page:


3 responses to “Steph’s Etsy Page

  1. Daryl March 9, 2008 at 3:44 pm

    Hey Joanne,
    I wanted to say that I can see why Steph thinks so highly of you!! What nice words!!
    Also, your work is AMAZING!!! I am jealous that you have been able to turn your love of photography into an occupation. I hope that all continues to go well for you and your family (your son is adorable!)
    Sincerely, Daryl (Steph’s friend in Boston)

  2. joannmanolisphotography March 12, 2008 at 10:56 am

    Hi Daryl,

    Thanks so much for this very sweet comment. I feel so honored that you took the time to check in. Thanks also for the compliments on my work. This is a huge compliment for me as Steph has told me what an awesome artist you are! I’ve heard so much about you, I feel like I know you. I really hope that we get to meet someday!

    Thanks again,

    Jo Ann

  3. Daryl April 1, 2008 at 4:09 pm

    Jo Ann-
    Well, as you can tell I hardly ever check my home e-mail. So nice to hear from you!!! Steph and I keep talking about taking a trip to San Fran. Maybe someday we will actually do it!! I hope that all is well with you, photog. and the family!!

    Sincerely, Daryl

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