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A day of firsts

I finally did it! I took our almost 4 year old to get a proper haircut on Friday.

Pat has been pleading with me for months, saying that a once peaceful bath time has been reduced to a wrestling match. Because Pat is usually in charge of the bath routine, I scoffed at the notion that Konstandino’s hair was too long and blamed Pat’s Irish heritage. I mean, people with pin-straight hair just don’t understand the essence of curly hair and how to comb it properly…

And then I gave him a bath last week for the first time in a few months. It had been 24 hours since his last bath and dreadlocks were already forming. Note to self: never try to comb out dreadlocks. Chaos ensued and the very next day I found myself begging my hair stylist, Mary for an appointment.

Mary at Azhar Hair design in downtown Santa Cruz is so awesome. I had an art show at Azhar a few years ago and we traded a photograph for a cut. I’ve been hooked ever since. As everyone out there with curly hair knows, someone who can cut it well is a total find! So, given that Kosta has inherited my Greek curly hair, I knew that Mary was our gal. Of course, I had to bring my camera along in order to document the occasion!

This shot cracks me up! I cannot even count the times that I’ve sat in a chair not unlike this one with this exact expression on my face.

Thanks to Mary, my expressions are more like this one now.

The fabulous Mary working her magic.

Another satisfied customer.

I was worried that with the haircut, the curls would be lost forever, but apparently I was mistaken. The haircut is awesome! It is still curly and a bit wild and shaggy, but much more manageable. Pat did the bath time honors for the first time last night and said that Mary deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

If any of my brides (or any brides, or anyone else for that matter) are looking for an awesome hair stylist for their wedding day, or just a great everyday cut, give Mary at Azhar a call: (831) 426-6334.

After the haircut, we walked over to Marini’s on Pacific Ave. and celebrated with an icecream cone. This was his first icecream cone ever!

I could not resist a cone either, so I was shooting these one-handed, cone in one hand and camera in the other. (Photographers: these last two images were post-processed with some of Jesh De Rox’s fine art textures, which I love!)

As always, thanks for checking in! I wish you all a wonderful weekend.


One response to “A day of firsts

  1. Argie Manolis June 9, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    I can’t believe it! Kostaki got a haircut! I can no longer brag to all my small town friends that I have a sister in CA who has never had her 4-year-old’s hair cut. But you’re right–it looks great. These are awesome pics!

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