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Peek Aren’t You Curious Summer Photo Shoot

OK, this is a long post….so sit back, get comfy, and grab a beverage!

I have so many fun images from our shoot last week that I had trouble narrowing it down for the blog. We had such a splendid afternoon at McNear Beach in San Rafael for Peek…Aren’t You Curious’ summer photo shoot. Our original plan was Stinson Beach, but the fog pushed us to McNear Beach in San Rafael. We still didn’t get much sun, but the weather was warm and humid, which was great because the kids all had a blast splashing around in the water. Enjoy!





I couldn’t decide which one of these I liked best so I posted both:





This was such a fabulous group of children! My son didn’t know any of them, but they were so welcoming and sweet. He keeps asking me if I have their “mommys’ cell phone numbers” so that we can call them to play again!

The hand holding was the kids’ idea, I thought it made for a great photo. You can definitely tell by their expressions that nobody is forcing them to do this. Had I asked them to hold hands, they would never have done so with such delight!






One of my favorites from the day:




And now, the watermelon series! I hope that I’m not overdoing it with the images here, but the kids enjoyed this part so thoroughly that I didn’t want to leave anyone out! And yes, that is my child on the right…eating like a champ while all of the other kids wait patiently for everyone else to be served. Big shock, I know.







I adore this series:





Uh, yeah…he was the only kid who ate two of these enormous wedges. Again, no surprises there. I mean, we’re Greek, right?



How amazing are these clothes?? I love it because kids are always so comfortable and free in everything that they wear.






Up to no good, if you ask me.



I always try to get a few images for parents of the children as well as it is the perfect way to say thanks. The mother of these two beauties was particularly helpful, as in, the shoot wouldn’t have happened without her! Thanks, Lisa!!





There was no shortage of sugar, but it was handed out sparingly at only the perfect times. Well done moms!


Another favorite:


If you have not yet checked out Peek…Aren’t You Curious, you are in for a wonderful treat. This is an amazing company, run by some really wonderful people. Their clothing is beautifully designed and built to last! Most of all, I love their emphasis on allowing kids to be kids. I love that I am always asked to capture children as they are, not as what anyone else wants them to be. This makes me so happy that I feel like putting on a peace t-shirt and stuffing my face with watermelon until the juice drips all over me and then jumping into the freezing cold water…OK, well, you get the picture.

Check out their website HERE, it will soon be updated with some of the images from this shoot.

They also have a great new BLOG which is a fun resource for parents. Check the blog out HERE.

I have to say that this shoot was unusually fabulous. The kids were amazing and the parents were sooo incredibly cool, I was pretty disappointed when it was over as was my son. A wonderful time was had by all…thanks you guys. As always, it was my (our) honor to be there.

Much Love, Peace, happiness, & Watermelon,

Jo 🙂


4 responses to “Peek Aren’t You Curious Summer Photo Shoot

  1. Chris May 11, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Jo – AMAZING!!! We’re honored that you continue to capture so perfectly what Peek is all about. Thank you again. Hope you’re well and look forward to seeing you soon. – Chris

  2. Lisa Wing May 11, 2009 at 8:49 pm

    I am so flattered that my name is mentioned in your blog! Thank you for the beautiful picture of Kaia and Dylan….brings tears to my eyes!! so glad to finally meet you!

  3. kc May 14, 2009 at 7:12 am

    you are such a, do you know kids or what? it’s just beautiful. miss you. we never did go on that bike ride did we?

  4. Abby, Scott, and Sawyer May 15, 2009 at 2:28 pm

    I love your blog so much! The 2 pictures of your son standing in the water are wonderful. Sawyer is up for modeling if you ever need a toddler. ; )

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