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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Santa Cruz Waldorf School Postcard Ad

I’m so excited that our beloved Santa Cruz Waldorf School chose an image of mine for their latest advertisement.

Santa Cruz Waldorf School Postcard Ad

I’m especially smitten because it is of my big guy. I’ll never forget this moment…he found a worm in the compost pile and asked me to photograph the two of them together. I love the look in his eyes…


Another year

I always measure life’s progress and movement by our annual summer trip to Tahoe. Pat and I haven’t missed a year since the summer that we first met. We always stay with his parents who live ridiculously close to all things amazing…mountain biking trails, the lake, the pool (recently discovered since children).

Every year the stay is pretty nostalgic for me. The smell of the air, the enormous pine cones, blooming columbines, amazing light that sings to me all afternoon, our favorite pizza place…I could go on and on. I always think about the years past and wonder where we’ll be in our lives next year when we come back. This year I thought about Tahoe the summer of 2004 and how hard it was to walk up the stairs without becoming winded. I remember being at the beach and watching a mother with her crawling baby marveling over the idea that I’d have one of my own in a year. I remember the following year bringing along a smiling, chubby 9 month old and Pat’s family oohing and ahhing over him the entire time.

It was two summers ago that I relished daily long runs on the trails. And last summer, pregnant again, I wistfully remembered the long runs on the trails but settled for short (and slow) mountain bike rides instead, my family patiently waiting for me every few minutes. That was the year that I saw a mama bear with her two bouncing cubs crossing the trail dangerously close to me and my seven month pregnant belly as I plodded away on my bike. I remember stopping frozen, so mesmerized by their beauty that I completely forgot to be afraid. That was also the year that the big guy started swimming and proudly jumped off of the diving board for the first time.

This year was baby #2’s first Tahoe trip…and I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic all over again as I brought another round, smiling baby to the pool, chubby hands splashing in the water. We all rode on the trails that Pat and I have ridden on since we first met and stopped for a photo because the light was perfect and so was everything else.

Thank you, Pat for making my life what it is. Happy Birthday!