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goodbye 2011

It has been a big year. So big that my blogging was pretty weak. One of my goals is to improve upon this in 2012. All in all 2011 was awesome.

a quick synopsis:

Our baby learned to sit up, roll over, crawl, walk, run a little, kiss, eat real food, and even talk a tiny bit.

Our big boy became an amazing big brother…and started first grade.

Pat and I became Godparents.

I shot some unbelievable weddings.

I signed up for a half marathon but didn’t run it…maybe this year.

I should’ve slept more.

We struggled to find enough time.


We made a lot of soup…well, Pat made a lot of soup.

We probably visited the pumpkin patch 10 times during the month of October.

I watched one of my best friends get married. It was so beautiful.

Annie and G-bird came for a visit…we all fell in love.

We went kiwi picking for the first time.

Tahoe was beautiful.

Ohio, as always, was the highpoint. We even saw a little snow (see image below)

YiaYia came to visit three times this year…we’re already counting the days until until her next visit.

Our big guy made an apple pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

I ran a 10k on Mothers day.

The big guy and I collected a jar full of seaglass in Italy. If he gives you a piece it means that he loves you. A lot.

We got our Christmas tree in early December and it is still up…probably will be until the end of January. It’s just too beautiful at night with all the lights on to take down just yet.

I met and photographed some sweet and wonderful families.

I thought a lot about how I have exactly what I need.

I felt a lot of gratitude.

I really love it here.

Happy New Year to you! Thanks for being here. xo

One response to “goodbye 2011

  1. Annie February 2, 2012 at 2:20 pm

    It was a highlight for us too! We can’t wait to come back up!
    I like also how you say Ohio is always the highpoint. I feel that way too.

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