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Welcome to the blog of Jo Ann Manolis Photography! I’m a wedding, portrait, and fine art photographer based in Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve created this blog as a means of sharing my work and life with my clients, family, and friends. I’ll be updating it regularly with my latest work, thoughts and ideas regarding photography and art, and links to many fabulous artists and vendors. So, take a look around, enjoy, and leave me a message here if you’re inspired. I can also be reached directly by e-mail via my website:, or by phone at: (831)359-7948. Thanks for stopping by!

Monthly Archives: March 2012


I finally did it…I created a Facebook page for my photography business. Friends have been bugging me for months (maybe years?) to do this but I kept resisting…for no reason. Sometimes it takes me awhile. Well, it is now up and I’d love it if you’d check it out! We’re kicking around some ideas as to how to go about making this page more than just a place where I post images. We’re hoping to create a community of sorts, so stay tuned. You can check out the official Facebook page for Jo Ann Manolis Photography HERE.

Have a wonderful week! xo

joyful one

In the Greek language, the name Efthemios means “joyful one”.

And he has brought so much joy to us. Happy 18 month birthday Efthemios, we love you!